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Past Events
Wednesday 21st March 2007
Capturing, Mapping and Integrating Argumentation as Project Memory in Participatory Urban Planning
Anna De Liddo
Wednesday 14th March 2007
Supporting Context-Awareness and Standards Interoperability in e-Learning A Semantic Web Service based Infrastructure
Alessio Gugliotta
Tuesday 20th February 2007
Agents, Information and Negotiation
Prof. Carles Sierra
Wednesday 7th February 2007
The Shape of Different Public Online Meetings
Elia Tomadaki
Wednesday 31st January 2007
Towards Changing the Relationship between Business and IT via Semantic Web Services The SUPER Project
Prof John Domingue
Thursday 18th January 2007
An introduction to open copyright and software licensing
Richard McCracken
Wednesday 17th January 2007
Uncertainty Handling in the Context of Ontology Mapping for Question-Answering
Miklos Nagy
Tuesday 5th December 2006
How and why to study the future? An OpenLearn Seminar
Prof. Fredric M. Litto
Wednesday 15th November 2006
Using the Semantic Web as Background Knowledge for Ontology Mapping
Dr. Marta Sabou

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