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Past Events
Monday 7th January 2008
Comparing Dissimilarity Measures for Content-Based Image Retrieval
Rui Hu
Thursday 20th December 2007
Coping with the complexity of pedagogical mediation in distributed learning environments: effective e-teaching and e-tutoring strategies in the web 2.0
Paula de Waal
Friday 14th December 2007
Lifelong Learning:helping people to develop a mindset for learning
Prof. José Armando Valente
Wednesday 12th December 2007
What is happening in a meeting? Analyzing FlashMeetings at a micro-level. A proposed collaboration between National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan and KMi, Open University, UK
Dr. Nailah Abdullah
Wednesday 28th November 2007
ALOE an Open and Social Resource and Metadata Hub
Mr Martin Memmel
Wednesday 7th November 2007
Using the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence to resolve ABox inconsistencies
Andriy Nikolov
Wednesday 31st October 2007
Adaptive information retrieval - Issues & strategies for Evaluation
Dr. Joemon Jose
Wednesday 12th September 2007
Face Recognition Robust to Large Pose Angle from one Gallery
Dr. Ting Shan
Wednesday 5th September 2007
Discovering the semantics of user keywords An application to improve Ontology Matching
Jorge Gracia

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