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Past Events
Friday 25th May 2007
Towards Adaptive Information Retrieval - Step 1: Collecting Real Data
Udo Kruschwitz
Monday 21st May 2007
Bridging the Gap Between Folksonomies and the Semantic Web An Experience Report
Sofia Angeletou
Wednesday 16th May 2007
From Tag Clouds to Tag Webs Evaluation of ClaimSpotter's Semantic Social Tagging Interface
Prof Simon Buckingham Shum
Monday 14th May 2007
A Socio-Technical Approach for Topic Community Member Selection
Dr. Aldo de Moor
Thursday 10th May 2007
Musical Genre Classification and Musical Similarity Determination from Audio
Professor Stephen Cox
Monday 30th April 2007
Morpholingua: Shape Language and its application to Archaeology
Frederic Fol Leymarie
Monday 23rd April 2007
How to Combine Web2.0 and the Semantic Web Examples from
Tom Heath
Wednesday 18th April 2007
Integrating Google Maps into MSG
Alex Little
Monday 26th March 2007
Effective Integration of Declarative Rules with External Evaluations for Semantic Web Reasoning
Assistant Professor Giovambattista Ianni

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