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Past Events
Monday 11th October 2004
Learning Web Service Ontologies: Two Extraction Methods and their Evaluation
Dr. Marta Sabou
Tuesday 5th October 2004
Building Collaborative Knowledge Representations in Real Time An Analysis of Facilitative Micro-Actions
Al Selvin
Wednesday 11th August 2004
Scholarly Hypertext The HT04 Experiment and Beyond
Prof Simon Buckingham Shum
Friday 2nd July 2004
Cargo cult computer science
Prof. Harold Thimbleby
Thursday 24th June 2004
ODESeW v2.0. A framework for developing semantic web portals.
Angel Lopez-Cima
Monday 21st June 2004
IRS support for OWL-S and WSMO
Dr Farshad Hakimpour PhD, M.Sc, B.Sc
Monday 14th June 2004
ESpotter: A Domain and User Adaptation Approach for Named Entity Recognition on the Web
Jianhan Zhu
Friday 4th June 2004
Better Science Through Benchmarking: Lessons for Software Engineering
Susan Elliott Sim
Wednesday 5th May 2004
The role of user models in semantically rich applications
Dr Marek Hatala

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