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Past Events
Monday 7th February 2005
1st Symposium on Interoperability Issues in Semantic Web Sites AKT Workshop
Prof. Enrico Motta, Dr. York Sure, Angel Lopez-Cima, Nick Gibbins, Daniel Krech, Dr. John Breslin, Hugo Mills, Peter Mika
Thursday 9th December 2004
Arguing for Intelligence: The Roles of Argumentation in AI
Dr Chris Reed BA, Phd
Wednesday 8th December 2004
First AKT Workshop on Semantic Web Services AKT-SWS04
Dr. Liliana Cabral, Prof John Domingue
Monday 6th December 2004
Ontosophie: A Semi-Automatic System for Ontology Population from Text
David Celjuska MSc
Tuesday 9th November 2004
Human and Robot Exploration on Mars or Moon
Dr Maarten Sierhuis
Monday 25th October 2004
An Ontological Formalization of the Planning Task
Dnyanesh Rajpathak
Monday 18th October 2004
Magpie - a framework for developing semantic web applications
Martin Dzbor PhD
Monday 11th October 2004
Learning Web Service Ontologies: Two Extraction Methods and their Evaluation
Dr. Marta Sabou
Tuesday 5th October 2004
Building Collaborative Knowledge Representations in Real Time An Analysis of Facilitative Micro-Actions
Al Selvin

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