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Past Events
Wednesday 8th November 2006
Semantic Search Components
Dr. Victoria Uren
Tuesday 7th November 2006
Narrative, Multimodality and Multimedia Content Analysis: computing words, pictures and stories
Dr. Andrew Salway
Monday 23rd October 2006
Semantic Wikipedia
Denny Vrandecic
Wednesday 4th October 2006
What are Spatial Objects?
Vlad Tanasescu
Wednesday 13th September 2006
The Quest of Information Retrieval in Semantic Web
Miriam Fernández
Wednesday 16th August 2006
Wikis of Locality Insights from the Open Guides
Mark Gaved
Tuesday 25th July 2006
Amazon's web services strategy
Jeff Barr
Thursday 29th June 2006
Semantic Technology for Publication Metadata Management
Peter Mika
Thursday 8th June 2006
"The kind of thing that our age wants to do": myartspace puts younger visitors at the centre of the museum experience - online and on site
Dan Philips

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