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Past Events
Thursday 16th July 2009
Network Visualization: at the age of infinite interconnectedness
Manuel Lima
Wednesday 15th July 2009
Scalable Query Answering over Linked Ontological Data
DR. Jeff Pan
Monday 29th June 2009
Virtual Balls - entertaining an audience
Dr. Simon McCallum
Friday 12th June 2009
Searching Images to Find Information
Dr. R. Manmatha
Friday 29th May 2009
Socio-Semantic Web Meets NLP: Wikipedia and Wiktionary as Lexical Semantic Resources
Prof. Iryna Gurevych
Wednesday 27th May 2009
KANNEL: a Framework for Detecting and Managing Relations between Ontologies in Large Ontology Repository.
Carlo Alloca
Wednesday 20th May 2009
Semantic Business Process Analysis
Dr. Carlos Pedrinaci
Friday 15th May 2009
Experiences in Deploying Public Metadata Analysis Tools
Dr. David Nichols
Wednesday 6th May 2009
Exploring Semantic Hits
Thomas Ullmann

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