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Past Events
Wednesday 25th March 2009
Inaugural lecture Do the best firms always win? Puzzles around innovation and selection in economics

Prof Mariana Mazzucato
Monday 9th March 2009
Inaugural Lecture Reflecting on Ageing and Environment

Prof Sheila Peace
Saturday 28th February 2009
Neither Logical nor Illogical, just human? Some issues in science education for citizenship

Prof Edgar Jenkins
Thursday 26th February 2009
Computing Research Centre Distinguished Lecture Freedom and technology: who's the master?

Cory Doctorow
Monday 23rd February 2009
Inaugural lectures Earth, fire and water

Monday 26th January 2009
Inaugural lecture Playing old music & Studying music, studying people

Prof David Rowland, Prof Martin Clayton
Thursday 11th December 2008
CEPSAR Schools lecture Finding Other Worlds

Tuesday 9th December 2008
Inaugural Lecture By word of mouse: the discourse of language learning and teaching online

Prof Marie-Noelle Lamy
Wednesday 19th November 2008
Inaugural Lecture Caught up in the story: Jane Austen, Indian Cinema and Scenario Planning

Prof Richard Allen
Monday 17th November 2008
Inaugural lectures series 2008-2009 Life: From the Earth to the Galaxy

Prof. Charles Cockell, Prof Ian Wright, Prof Monica Grady, Prof Glenn White

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