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Past Events
Wednesday 31st March 2004
ConcepTool: ontology representation and reasoning beyond frames and slots
Dr Ernest Compatangelo
Friday 26th March 2004
Multimodal Representations as Basis for Cognitive Architecture Making
Professor Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran
Monday 22nd March 2004
Mental imagery, visualisation tools and team work
Dr. Marian Petre
Monday 19th January 2004
Ontological Engineering
Dr Aldo Gangemi
Friday 16th January 2004
Engineering Semantics on the Web
Prof. Enrico Motta
Monday 15th December 2003
Search Engine-Crawler Symbiosis: Adapting to Community Interests
Dr Shannon Bradshaw PhD MS BS
Tuesday 7th October 2003
Logics, tasks and agents: towards a unified model for delivering knowledge services
Professor John Fox
Friday 26th September 2003
Brahms: A work practice modeling, simulation and multi-agent development environment for human-centered work systems
Dr Maarten Sierhuis
Tuesday 24th June 2003
BuddySpace: Instant Messaging, Maps, and Enhanced Presence For Knowledge Workers
Professor Marc Eisenstadt

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