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Past Events
Thursday 4th May 2017
Multidisciplinarity, one-offs and research for the masses: a summary of the EDV project
Dr Brian Plüss
Wednesday 12th April 2017
We're Seeking Relevance: Ideology, Pedagogy and Psychology in Learning Analytics
Tracie Farrell-Frey
Thursday 9th March 2017
The Statistics of Stairway to Heaven: a Semantic story about Digital Humanities
Dr Albert Meroño
Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Towards data justice? Reframing the datafication debate
Dr Lina Dencik
Wednesday 8th February 2017
Early Detection of Research Topics
Angelo Salatino
Thursday 3rd November 2016
Beyond learning analytics Collaboration, interoperability and standards in higher education learning data
Friday 8th July 2016
Coming to Terms with Seductive Surveillance Beyond the Privacy-Security Trade-Off Argument
Pinelopi Troullinou
Tuesday 24th May 2016
Diagrammatic Ontology Engineering
Dr Gem Stapleton
Tuesday 24th May 2016
How Blockchain Technology Will Change Industries
Hugh Halford-Thompson

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