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Past Events
Monday 10th June 2013
EUCLID Module 4
Wednesday 29th May 2013
Peer Supported Problem Solving and Mathematical Knowledge
Joe Corneli
Wednesday 15th May 2013
Relational Database to RDF (RDB2RDF) The R2RML and Direct Mapping Standards
Juan Sequeda
Wednesday 15th May 2013
Interpreting Linked Data as ontologies: doctrines and creeping issues
Dr. Alessandro Adamou PhD.
Thursday 25th April 2013
Ephorus: The stony road of innovation From the innovative business idea for plagiarism detection to market leadership
Joep Chappin
Monday 22nd April 2013
EUCLID Module 3: The Production of Linked Data
Dr Barry Norton
Wednesday 17th April 2013
A Question of Complexity Measuring the Maturity of Online Enquiry Communities
Gregoire Burel
Wednesday 3rd April 2013
Harnessing Linked Knowledge Sources for Topic Classification in Social Media
Dr Elizabeth Cano Basave
Wednesday 13th March 2013
Some challenges for large-scale data management Reflections from the scientific domain
Dr. Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez RD Director

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