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Assessing research needs data transparency - or the OpenCitations' vision for an open citation and bibliographic data ecosystem
Dr. Silvio Peroni Associate Professor

This event took place on 29th November 2023 at 11:30am (11:30 GMT)
Knowledge Media Institute, Berrill Building, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK7 6AA

Recently, the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) has proposed a list of 10 commitments to push institutions to revise the current research assessment practices to make them more diverse and transparent. One of these commitments is dedicated to adopting openly available data to enable the reproducibility of research assessment exercises, evidence gathering and, more generally, research. Indeed, according to CoARA, ""data sharing should be the minimum commitment and data should be shared through open infrastructure"".

OpenCitations is an independent open and not-for-profit infrastructure espousing fully the principles mentioned above. Its mission is to harvest and openly publish accurate and comprehensive metadata describing the world's academic publications and the scholarly citations that link them. It also aims to preserve ongoing access to this information by secure archiving. OpenCitations provides this information in interoperable machine-readable Linked Open Data formats, under open licenses at zero cost and without restriction for third-party analysis and re-use.

In this talk, I present the recent activities involving OpenCitations from a technical/infrastructural perspective and a more research-oriented endeavour.

The webcast was open to 300 users

(66 minutes)

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