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Dr Geraint (Taff) Morgan, Project Officer

This event took place on 15th December 2014 at 1:00pm (13:00 GMT)
Berrill Lecture Theatre, The Open University, Walton Hall Campus, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Down to Earth: Translating space know-how to challenges nearer to home

Dr Geraint (Taff) Morgan, Project Officer, The Open University

After 10 years and a 4 billion mile journey around our solar system, Rosetta finally made it to comet 67P in August 2014.  In November 2014 we succeeded in the first ever soft landing on a comet to analyse what it is made from. This was a truly remarkable achievement of science and engineering, generating widespread interest through media channels across the world.  What have we scientists been doing between 2001, when we delivered the Ptolemy instrument to the Philae lander, and November 2014 when we landed on Comet 67P?  The answer is bringing science and engineering back down to Earth.  In this talk, Taff will discuss how space technology can be adapted for a series of healthcare applications. Come and hear how it is we can copy a dog, using scientific instruments to sniff cancer.

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