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eLC Event

This event took place on 7th December 2011 at 10:00am (10:00 GMT)

The OU is known for its 'openness' and in the past few years that has extended to research and practice  in an new area with the Open tag - Open Educational Resources (OER).

Five OER projects based at the OU are reporting activity and challenges at this event.

  • OLNET with an international focus supported by the William and Flora Hewlitt Foundation
  • B2S (Bridge to Success) an OU-led initiative that takes OU 'Openings' content to targeted US students
  • SCORE the Support Centre for Open Resources in Education, a national role initiative funded by HEFCE
  • ORIOLE (Open Resources: Influence on Learners and Educators) funded through a HEA National Teaching Fellowship.
  • The OpenEd Project - a project to deliver open courses. 

Each work with partners within and beyond the OU. Both OLNET and SCORE bring fellows from other institutions into the OU and one of these (Terese Bird) will be speaking at the event. The sessions will give an overview of progress made and still to be made across a wide range of activities and highlight current work for each of these projects.


  • 10.00-10:15   Openness from OpenLearn to OLnet to Bridge to Success ... and beyond
    Patrick McAndrew
  • 10:15-10.45   Bridge to Success: Helping US Community Colleges use OER
    Patrina Law, Tim Coughlin and Beck Pitt 
  • 10:45-11.15   Building and Communicating Evidence of Effectiveness in OER through Collective Intelligence ( Anna de Liddo, Rob Farrow  
    Much of the evidence surrounding the use (and re-use) of OER is fragmentary or anecdotal. The OLnet project has developed a software tool for effectively gathering, sharing and judging the evidence around key issues of OER. The Evidence Hub distills key insights from the cloud of discussion and opinion creating a thematically indexed, structured ecosystem of organisations, project, issues, recommendations and evidence for the use of those who form the Open Education movement. In this presentation we explain the key concepts behind the Evidence Hub and some of its possible uses.
  • 11.15-11.30    Break for Tea/Coffee and ongoing discussion
  • 11.30-11.45   SCORE: 'We've only just begun ...' [Jonathan Darby] 
  • 11.45-12.15   Beyond Distance and into iTunes [Terese Bird, University of Leicester/SCORE fellow] 
  • 12.15-12.40   Issues affecting the sustainability of open courses: the OpenED Business Course  Simon Cross 

The event will be video recorded and also streamed live and available publicly (so not only as replay on the internet as for most events) - visit OU Stadium.

If you want to suggest questions for the speakers or leave comments on the presentations or issues raised comment to this cloud.

Planning to attend in person: Please email

Queries: Please email Chris Pegler

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