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APD Module Team Chair Event 2020 (Day 2)

This event took place on 11th March 2020

Welcome to the Module Team Chair Event 2020. This is a university-wide event for members of academic staff who are new to chairing module presentation and/or production. It will also act as a refresher event for those who have been a chair for some time, or for those returning to chairing after a break.

This year’s event focuses on supporting Module Team Chairs to develop excellent teaching leading to student success. It will enable academic staff to increase their awareness of how to engage with faculty and school needs whilst developing a vision that aligns with OU priorities.

Session 7: Learning Design (Gerald Evans, Jitse van Ameijde, Gill MacMillan and Fiona Henry) Session 8: Commissioning and module production – processes and top tips (Gillian Caglayan, Carly Nicholls-Smith and Catherine McNulty) Session 10: Open box modules – experiences from production and presentation (Linda Robson and Anna Comas-Quinn) Session 11: Day to day data: a module team perspective (Stephen Harrison) Session 12: Coordination and Collaboration with Student Support Teams and Associate Lecturers (Amy King, Billy Khokhar and Tasmin Wisher)

(360 minutes)