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Past Events
Wednesday 17th April 2024
Caribbean Reflections A Historical Exploration of the Caribbean Carnival and Jonkonuu Festivals

Dr CarolL J Leonardi
Friday 12th April 2024
Freedom and Evolution

Prof Adrian Bejan
Wednesday 3rd April 2024
Public Talk: Rock 'n' Roll Stars in memory of Simon Clark

Prof Simon Goodwin Physics and Astronomy
Monday 27th March 2023
Connect Conference, March 2023 GREEN FORUM SUMMIT - ONLINE

Tuesday 21st June 2022
OU Energy Conference

Wednesday 18th May 2022
1st Year Upgrade Talks

Friday 6th May 2022
Neuroscience Event

Tuesday 12th April 2022
IOP Lecture hosted by The Open University Atom gyroscopes - exploiting quantumness of cold atoms for sensing

Tuesday 15th March 2022
SPS Third year research conference

Wednesday 23rd February 2022
Staff team building event

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