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EUCLID Module 5
Christoph Pinkel

This event took place on 14th October 2013 at 3:00pm (14:00 GMT)
Knowledge Media Institute, Berrill Building, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK7 6AA

The fifth EUCLID webinar will focus on technologies and approaches towards exploiting Linked Data by building LD applications. First, we will provide an overview of main types of linked data applications and list examples of popular existing applications. Then, we will describe a generic layered architecture of a linked data application and main technologies used to support it. Furthermore, we will give details on existing frameworks which help to develop such applications in a structured way. Finally, we will describe how the web APIs can be used to support data exchange for a linked data application.

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3:00 pmEUCLID Module 5 - part 1 of 2
Christoph Pinkel, fluid Operations AG
4:00 pmEUCLID Module 5 - part 2 of 2
Christoph Pinkel, fluid Operations AG

The webcast was open to 100 users
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