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Mixed-Methods and Mixed-Worlds
Engaging Globally Distributed User Groups for Extended Evaluation Studies
Dr. Daniel Livingstone

This event took place on 20th November 2008 at 10:15am (10:15 GMT)

At first glance, the goal of the SLOODLE (Simulation Linked Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) project is to develop educational technology - specifically, software for integrating web-based virtual learning environments and 3D multi-user virtual worlds being used for educational purposes. However, a second goal is to research how such integration might best be achieved - and to understand what users might want from such technology. And both goals rely in part on a third - to develop an active and involved community around the project. This paper reviews the mixed-methods approach that have been employed to support research as the project principals have been working to engage with users world-wide through a range of activities held in the virtual world of Second Life, on the world-wide web and at demonstration workshops conducted in-person.
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