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Knowledge Publishing and Argumentation
Tools for Modelling Contested Knowledge Domains
Prof Simon Buckingham Shum

This event took place on 8th June 2004 at 10:00am (09:00 GMT)

In 2010, will research still be published primarily as prose? This question is designed to focus imagination on a complementary infrastructure that is 'native' to the network paradigm, enabling new kinds of knowledge dissemination, peer review, debate, and analysis of ideas.

In this introduction I provide a brief update on the progress of the Scholarly Ontologies project, which has been building an environment to enable analysts to model the contested claims and arguments in a field. End-user communities that we are targetting include students, educators, researchers, consultants, librarians and publishers, working individually or collaboratively. I describe the rationale behind the underlying discourse representation scheme, user interfaces designed to deliver a semantic annotation environment that is usable by people who are not ontology engineers, and the new kinds of search and visualization services that become possible when a research field is rendered as an argument network.

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