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A Personal Introduction to T171
You, your computer and the Net
Dr. Gary Alexander

This event took place on 12th February 2004 at 7:00pm (19:00 GMT)

Dr Gary Alexander, the Course Team chair of T171 You, your computer and the Net, gives a 20 minute introduction to the course. The initial webcast will be followed immediately by a live interactive event on FirstClass in the T171 Forum within the T171 Notice Board.

Dr. Alexander gives his personal view of T171 and how best to approach it, and then describes an 'optional stream' on Planetary Citizenship which he is initiating with this webcast.

The webcast talks about the problems facing the world and how the concept of 'planetary citizenship' is an approach to developing solutions to those problems. It describes the ways in which aspects of planetary citizenship will be brought into each of the 3 modules of T171: discussions of 'netiquette' and relationships in module 1, of open source issues and what they mean for competition versus collaboration in module 2, and a radical look at eCommerce in module 3.


T171 You, your computer and the Net

PlaNet - a Network for the Planetary Citizen

Dr Gary Alexander's website

The webcast was open to 200 users

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