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What should we know about nutrition and living with Diabetes Type 2 while ageing- Jitka Vseteckova, Alan Hastings
Ageing Well Series 22/23

This event took place on 22nd February 2023 at 11:00am (11:00 GMT)

This talk Jitka and Alan will discuss what we need to consider around nutrition while ageing and how to support people to eat regularly and well. We will also discuss nutrition and what we need to know about living with Diabetes Type 2.


Mr Alan Hastings – ‘In 2014  I was diagnosed as Pre-diabetic, i.e. close to Type 2. As an ex-Project Manager, I treat my health as a Project, so I control my diet with a colour coded chart (Red, Amber, Green) of everything I eat showing quantities, Calories, Sugar, Fat, Saturated Fat, Salt. Taking care of my health and creating healthy routines helped me to keep my blood sugar at acceptable levels.’

The webcast was open to 10000 users

(90 minutes)