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OLRG Autoethnography

This event took place on 10th September 2018 at 10:00am (09:00 GMT)

The Art, Craft, and Conundrums of Autoethnography

Workshop with Dr. Kelly Clark/Keefe, University of Vermont

Monday, 10th September 10:00 - 12.30

Stuart Hall Ground Floor Conference Room


In her workshop Dr Clark/Keefe will address the following topics:

• what autoethnography is (situating it in the larger domain of qualitative inquiry)

• what the genre tries to achieve

• illustrate ways to go about it (narrative approaches, arts-informed, performance), sharing some of her own work influenced by the genre and pointing to others’ work

• note debates/issues of ethics related to autoethnographic approaches

The webcast was open to 1500 users

(120 minutes)