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Researching Learning in Virtual Environments - Day 1

This event took place on 20th November 2008 at 10:15am (10:15 GMT)

The ReLIVE08 Conference will be of interest to anyone researching
learning and teaching in virtual world environments such as Second Life. An exciting conference programme, including presentations from notable keynote speakers. The conference programme will encourage active participation, reflection, debate and discussion through a variety of workshops, individual and panel presentations, posters and symposium sessions. ReLIVE08 promises to be thought-provoking as well as entertaining and an excellent opportunity for networking in the field.

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Full Programme

Select programme of webcast presentations from Day 1:
10:15 am Welcome address and Keynote Presentation
   Edward Castronova, Indiana University
11:30 am First Reflections, Second Life, Third Place Community Building in Virtual Worlds
   Anna Peachey, The Open University
12:00 pm Mixed-Methods and Mixed-Worlds Engaging Globally Distributed User Groups for Extended Evaluation Studies
   Dr. Daniel Livingstone, University of West Scotland
12:30 pm Students Experiences of Learning in Immersive World Environments
   Prof Maggi Savin-Baden
4:45 pm The Impact of the Characteristics of a Virtual Environment on Performance: Concepts, Constraints and Complications
   Mark Childs, Coventry University
   Joff Chafer, Coventry University

The webcast was open to 200 users