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DIY game-based multimedia in your library - is it for you?
Andrew Lewis

This event took place on 6th May 2008 at 12:00pm (11:00 GMT)

This session is aimed at anyone who is creating multimedia in-house in a library environment, and is based on experience from the Multi-Lib programme in Windsor and Maidenhead public libraries, which looks at creating multimedia for library service development. These are created using commonly available kit - software like Flash, open source web languages such as PHP/MySQL and PERL and simple hardware including digital cameras. Multi-Lib outputs include the use of computer games to market computers to children and parents (winner of the 2004 CILIP PPRG multimedia award), the use of cartoon trailers to promote reading schemes, the UKís first talking childrenís comments form for libraries, and games that incorporate user-generated content. Andrew will demonstrate Multi-Lib content, and explain some of the creative and technological processes behind them.

The session is an informal look at what is involved in making multimedia, and aims to share experience and tactics, with quick wins and pitfalls to avoid. It also discusses simple resource models for complex development and how to consider return on investment.

With the presenters' consent, we video record our Library seminars (including any questions during the seminar) and make them available on the internet. The seminar audience confirm their agreement to this by entering the location and attending the seminar.

The webcast was open to 200 users

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