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The Open Learn Conference
Researching open content in education

This event took place on 30th October 2007

The mornings session of the conference took place in G01/02 Nightingale house, Accenture.

The keynote session of the OpenLearn2007 conference was given by John Seely Brown.

The ways in which people can learn are changing with new opportunities to learn at a distance, to learn as part of global community and to learn using new technologies. Open and free educational resources are an important component in this expanded world of learning and major initiatives are now underway to provide such resources.

This conference recognises the research challenge alongside the business challenge of providing, using and sustaining free and open resources and invites contributions and participation from those who are interested in how to research open content and what the findings are from those working in this challenging area.

There will be no charge for attendance with priority for registration given to those responding to the call for papers. Selected papers will be developed for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Interactive Media in Education.

For more information see openlearn2007

To register your interest email us at

(77 minutes)

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