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Art Walk 2007
Gasping Goldie performance

This event took place on 30th August 2007

About the Gasping Goldie performance:

We are all drowning all the time…in life. One person’s comfort zone is another’s anxiety. We may be innocent in purpose but how often do we really understand one another? Gasping Goldie is, on one level, about human ignorance, our inability to understand truly a situation before we react. But on another level it is the story of a creative struggle, a soul gasping to survive unnoticed. There is more than one way to drown.

About the artist, Jessica Rost:

The main focus of my work has been sculpture and installation. I'm best known for my large scale car sculptures although I work in many different materials. The work has always had a tendency towards the theatrical or perhaps comical even though I deliver quite serious messages about corruption, consumerism or man's relationship to the environment.
This has led me more recently to express my ideas through story telling in the form of film making, animation, interference art, performance pieces and carnival costumes or a combination of these. The physical need I have to actually make things is still very important to me and this I continue to do but the products become props or costumes to another end: part of a performance, captured on film etc. ... At the moment I am especially interested in the world of live art and video performances, this allows me to punctuate my work emotionally and even spiritually through a connection to a live audience. As an artist, active in Milton Keynes since 1995, I think I have contributed a great deal locally as: car sculptor, symposium co-ordinator and community artist.

Click below to play the event (15 minutes)

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