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Understanding Misogynoir Online: Challenges in Identifying Intersectional Hate Speech
Dr Joseph Kwarteng

This event took place on 30th April 2024 at 11:30am (10:30 GMT)
Knowledge Media Institute, Berrill Building, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK7 6AA

In today's digital age, where social networking sites serve as a nexus for diverse cultures and identities worldwide, we witness the dark side of this connectivity through the rise of hate speech. This form of digital aggression, targeting specific genders and ethnicities, proliferates at an alarming rate, transcending geographical, social, and political barriers, thereby amplifying its detrimental impact. The challenge of moderating online spaces to safeguard vulnerable communities has never been more pressing.   In this seminar, we delve into the phenomenon of "Misogynoir", a distinct category of intersectional hate speech that compounds racial and gender-based biases against Black women and girls. We will offer insights from our comprehensive investigation into misogynoir, aiming to shed light on the complexities and challenges associated with effectively understanding and identifying this form of hate speech.   Lastly, we will dedicate 5-10 minutes of discussion about the commonly held perceptions and personal experiences related to the PhD Viva. This will include topics such as the overall experience, the emotions it evokes, interactions with the examiners, and the reactions to the process.

The webcast was open to 300 users

(60 minutes)

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