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Exploratory Search and Trend Detection
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer

This event took place on 19th November 2014 at 11:30am (11:30 GMT)
Knowledge Media Institute, Berrill Building, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK7 6AA

The talk will present the notion of exploratory search as a means to go beyond "lookup", like learning or investigating (Marchionini 2006), and sketch its usefulness in new applications such as Digital Humanities. In detail, I want topresent a new approach to the analysis of topics and their dynamics over time. Given a large amount of time stamped textual data, we can identify "hotly discussed" concepts by analysing the rate a term changes context. Adopting the notion of volatility from econometrics, context volatility can be used to detect "weak signals" or semantic change independent from pure counts of frequency.

The webcast was open to 1000 users

(65 minutes)

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