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In the quest for the city of knowledge: challenges and developments
PhD Vanessa Lopez

This event took place on 17th December 2013
Knowledge Media Institute, Berrill Building, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK7 6AA

Today plenty of data is emerging from various city systems. Beyond the classical Web resources, large amounts of data are
retrieved from sensors, devices, social networks or governmental applications. There is a need to make city data easy to consume, but given the complexity of the domain, extreme heterogeneity and diversity of the data, and lack of a priori defined schematas and semantics, this proves not easy task. In such a diversity of information, semantic technologies can be used to transform the raw data into a searchable and meaningful structure, as such improving interoperability and discoverability of datasets by reusing standard vocabularies, linking to external sources and enabling rich queries that span over datasets. The advantages being that they can lower the entry cost by importing datasets as they are and processing city data incrementally (cataloguing, entity extraction, annotation, linking, integration and reconciliation), without the need for global integration, pre-defined schemas, or even linking the entire input, while fully exploiting the Web-wide wealth of resources rich in meaning and structure.

Please note, that this event will not be available live or as a replay however people are welcome to attend in person if able.

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