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Interactive Information Retrieval: Beyond Precision and Recall
Adbigani Diriye

This event took place on 9th September 2009 at 11:30am (10:30 GMT)
Knowledge Media Institute, Berrill Building, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK7 6AA

Traditionally, Information Retrieval has been concerned with matching some query against a collection of text documents, images, videos or sound files. Research in this field has mostly tried to improve how well retrieval happens. But, this approach has largely neglected the role the user plays during this process. By not taking into account the user and their interaction with the system, we fail to arrive at insights into real system use. In this talk, we present research methodologies that provide a user-centered perspective to Information Retrieval, and give examples from our work applying these techniques to enhance the design of Information Retrieval systems.

The webcast was open to 100 users

Due to on-going building work within KMi recording facilities are not currently operational, thus there is no replay of this event available.

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