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Exoplanets and Space Telescopes

Prof Carole Haswell
This event took place on 8th October 2019 at 7:30pm (18:30 GMT)
Berrill Lecture Theatre, The Open University, Walton Hall Campus, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

We live in exciting times: we have recently learned that our Galaxy contains more than one planet for each human being on planet Earth! I will show how we are able to say this, despite the fact that we have only directly imaged a handful of exoplanets. I will discuss some recent highlights and preview the scientific breakthroughs we anticipate from forthcoming space missions.  These are, with expected launch dates: the CHEOPS mission (2019), the James Web Space Telescope (2021) and ESA's PLATO and ARIEL (2027).




If you have any questions before or during the lecture please email them to and they will be read out to the speaker after the lecture if time allows

The webcast was open to 3000 users

(90 minutes)