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Asia Rising

A New Oriental Globalisation?

This event took place on 26th June 2012
Berrill Lecture Theatre, The Open University, Walton Hall Campus, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

9.00 - 9.10 Welcome address: Tim Blackman, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Scholarship), The Open University

9.10 - 9.20 Opening remarks: Giles Mohan, Development Policy and Practice, The Open University

Session 1: Markets

9.20 - 9.35 Devendra Kodwani (The Open University Business School)

Regulation of markets for public utilities in India: searching for a semi-visible hand

9.35 - 9.50 Andrew Lindridge (The Open University Business School)

Middle class consumption in China and India: all change or retrenchment of cultural positions?

9.50 - 10.05 Raphie Kaplinsky (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University)

Will the Asian Drivers be a source of Pro-Poor Innovation?

10.05 - 10.20 Masuma Farooki (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University)

Why China's commodity demand is challenging development debates

10.20 - 10.40 Mike Morris (Economics, University of Cape Town)

Global value chains and supplier development: Do Asian and Northern owned mines in Zambia behave the same?

10.40 - 11.00 Discussion

Session 2: Mobilities

11.20 - 11.35 Monica Dowling (Social Work, The Open University)

 Globalisation and Orientalism – Chinese child care in transition  

11.35 - 11.50 Melissa Butcher (Geography, The Open University)

Navigating 'New' Delhi: the experience of living in an Indian global city

11.50 - 12.05 Ben Lampert (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University)

Chinese migrants in Africa: the next imperialists or new agents of development?

 12.20 - 12.40 Pál Nyiri (Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU University Amsterdam)

Human flows in Chinese globalization

12.40 - 1.00 Discussion

Session 3: (Geo)politics

2.20 - 2.35 Giles Mohan (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University)

China’s resource diplomacy in Africa: powering development?

2.35 - 2.50 Parvati Raghuram (Geography, The Open University)

The challenge of migration in a multi‐polar world

2.50 - 3.05 Alessandra Marino (OECUMENE, Politics and International Studies, The Open University)

Whose nation? Whose development? Resisting orientalism in the Narmada Valley

3.25 - 3.45 Discussion led by Uma Kothari (Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester)

Session 4: Agendas

4.05 - 4.35 Jan Nederveen Pieterse (Global and International Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara)

Asia Rising: Growth or Emancipation?

4.35 - 5.00 Discussion

5.00 Close

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