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OpenLearn 3 Years On

Milestones & Future Outlook

This event took place on 19th January 2010 at 4:00pm (16:00 GMT)
Berrill Lecture Theatre, The Open University, Walton Hall Campus, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
The Open University was the first UK University to make its course materials freely available at scale with OpenLearn, which was launched on 25 October 2006. The Open University was also the first UK University to join the OpenCourseWare Consortium.

To date the OpenLearn site has had over 9 million visits. OpenLearn will soon be expanding to become the hub for all Open University materials that are freely available to the public, including videos, podcasts and lots more interactive content. This event will reflect on the success, as well as highlight recent and future developments into Open Educational Resources (OER), including research and the OU’s national role as a support centre for OER.

If you wish to attend in person or have any questions, please contact There will be an open afternoon in Berrill Level 0 South from 14:00, including sessions on OpenLearn. Please email for further details.

16:00 Lecture


16:05 OLnet presentation by Patrick McAndrew, Associate Director (Learning & Teaching): Research conducted into open learning networks through OLnet, a collaboration between the Open University and Carnegie-Mellon University.

16:20 SCORE presentation by Chris Pegler, Academic Director for SCORE: The university’s national role in the open content field as a support centre to other institutions.

16:35 Open Learn presentation by Laura Dewis, Managing Editor, OpenLearn: Preview of the latest developments of the OpenLearn website and plans for the future.

16:45 Q&A session - Panel members:
  • Martin Bean, Vice-Chancellor
  • David Vincent, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Strategy and External Affairs)
  • Andrew Law, Director of Multi-Platform Broadcasting
  • Rose Webb, Head of SCORE
  • Andy Lane, Former Director of OpenLearn and OCWC Board Member

The webcast was open to 200 users

Click below to play the event (73 minutes)