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Assessment is at the centre of the student's experience. It provides a means of evaluating student progress and achievement; it drives the activity of the student and therefore their learning. This collection of short presentations is intended to provoke debate about assessment. Over the last few years, those involved in developing assessment have generated some new perspectives which, as yet, have not been fully incorporated within mainstream practice. There has been a gap between the emerging understandings of 'reflective practitioners' and educational developers and those who are setting assessment policy and defining practice. We would like to close that gap. In order to do so we have set out some 'challenging perspectives' in short talks. They are intended to be contentious but well grounded. Each Web talk is an introduction to an idea that we hope you will pursue using the references provided. The talks may be used by individuals or serve as a catalyst for a group discussion, for example in a workshop. Please feel free to comment. We haven?t covered all the ground - far from it - and hope that others might add to this collection. If you feel you could contribute further perspectives, please do contact us.

List of Presentations
Feedback can be a waste of time
Prof. Steve Swithenby
I know a 2.1 when I see it
Prof. Margaret Price
Understanding staff student interaction is central to engaging students with feedback
Dr Jill Millar
How feedback works for some of the people some of the time
Prof. Liz McDowell
Developing a more holistic approach to assessment policy and practice
Prof. Ranald Macdonald
Peer Assessment: What's it all about?
Prof. Ian Hughes BSc, PhD, Leeds
Assessment is the most important thing we do for HE students
Prof. Sally Brown