Time     Focus    
Start End Participant statement Participant Engagement with Map Practitioner action Practitioner statement Compendium move Activity Type / Stance Compound Move Mini-Project Response / Engagement mode Participants Maps Text Subject matter Surroundings Process Notes Theme
60:03:00 S moves off the node so large image disappears Cursor Move-Image Rollover Off     Indirect   x Arranging display; moves off because that's not really what they were talking about  
60:03:00 60:24:00 "done a… a… identified anything of interest yet, right? "Right…" "Well she talked about the left wall and the east wall and the voice note" "Right" "So, but I mean that's kind of obvious?"  [laughing] "y'know I don't know…. That's why I was like do I really need to point that out?, i mean" "Yes, you don't." [laughing continues] Delinked            
60:25:00 60:33:00 "OK so here's this one image, it's the image um, 'still image none'" [chuckle] "from Astro One" Direct         First time engaging with the screen in this segment  
60:33:00 S hovers over node again to display the large image Node Hover-Image Rollover   Semi-direct x x x "Semi" because he's now explicitly providing the view of the image they're talking about  
Figuring out Waypoints 60:25-66:00                            
60:37:00 60:47:00 "And this is at Waypoint … what Waypoint is this, 2?"  [inaudible response in b/g] Direct            
60:48:00   "Umm… Verbal Acknowledgement Searching: Co-Inquiry / Knowledge Navigator   Direct x    
60:50:00 "I'll look it up" Partial/Unclear            
60:51:00 S scrolls down to the "GPS Coordinates" map node Display Move   Indirect   x A "query" move -- to look and see if the waypoint info is there  
60:54:00 S highlights and opens that map Navigate-Map Open   Indirect   x    
60:56:00 60:57:00 "Wait, I actually .. Have to go back" Partial/Unclear            
60:57:00 S closes the "GPS Coordinates" map Map Close   Indirect   x Not there, he needs to look elsewhere  
60:58:00 60:59:00 S hits Map Back button, opens that map again Navigate-Map Back   Indirect   x    
  "Do we not know what Waypoint, why do we not know…" Verbal Query   Direct x x    
61:00:00 S hits Map Back button, "ERA…" map closes, ""Segment_1_of_Lithe_Canyon_EVA May 5_2004 6:57PM_BST Science Data" map displays Navigate-Map Back   Indirect   x x Doesn't know what to do, info is not there.  
61:01:00 61:11:00 "o wait wait wait " "I'm assuming of these [clears throat] excuse me [again] is taken at Waypoint, no! cause that's the ERA" Direct S moves around map without clicking Cursor Move   Indirect   x x    
61:12:00 S moves around map without clicking Cursor Move   Indirect   x x    
  "Astro One .." Verbal Statement/Announcement   Direct x x x    
61:12:00 61:17:00 "Yeah so it's taken at, they're taken from, I'm assuming, Waypoint 0" "that's zero" "Yeah" [chorus] Direct S highlights the map node "Waypoint 4", but hovers over "Astro One" Node Select   Semi-direct   x x    
61:18:00 61:29:00 "Because that [?] the , on the East side of the talus slopes hill is the " "canyon mouth" Direct            
61:24:00 S moves to and opens the "ERAModel_IMAGE_1" map Navigate-Map Open   Indirect   x x    
61:27:00 S scrolls to the top of that map Display Move   Indirect   x x    
61:29:00 61:37:00 S creates a Question node and gives it the Label "RST guessnig that this is at Waypoint 0" Node Create-Question Creating: Co-Inquiry / Participant   Semi-direct x x x x x This is sort of an interjection node -- observing the process, almost in frustration. There's a problem with the existing data. It's a reaction to the situation -- they can't find the info -- it marks a place, provides a signpost -- S is a direct actor here, he's just as implicated/involved as the participants  
61:39:00 61:41:00 S links the node to the image Ref node at root of map Link   Indirect   x Method: Does making links, adding Tags, etc. count as Subject Matter?  
61:40:00 61:44:00 "That's not what I would've … huh… never mind." [laughing] Partial/Unclear            
61:43:00 61:46:00 S clicks in the Label of the "RST guessnig…" node and corrects to "guessing" Label Edit-Minor Cleanup   Indirect   x x Keeps node highlighted -- it's the issue/concern at this point  
61:45:00 61:49:00 "I'm trying not to use my higher knowledge of the area" Partial/Unclear         *****  This whole section is a sensemaking moment
  "There shouldn't…" Verbal Statement/Announcement   Direct x x    
61:50:00 61:57:00 "bad, Baaaad Shannon…" "I know it's hard, it's really hard, y'know" Partial/Unclear            
S moves that node down a bit Node Move-Minor Arranging   Indirect   x    
61:58:00 62:25:00 "And then I of course had access to the scenario that I didn't know you guys had, didn't have access to, so even when they were reviewing the plan, in the hab, it was like all old news. So I was glad that you guys were y'know like you both said it was very cool how the way they did that cause for me it was just like OK this is a review " [laughing] "We're like Wow! that's cool!" "Yeah" [laughing] "So..." Partial/Unclear            
62:27:00 62:29:00   " [inaudible] the RST shouldn't have to be guessing where this is taking … should be …" Verbal Statement/Announcement   Direct x x Story: process RST Process
62:30:00 62:49:00 "No, you know what, yeah, they should definitely, I mean, since we're using Waypoints for this? There should be somewhere that says what the Waypoint" "Waypoints  instead of just giving us GPS coords because it means basically" "I mean they put it in the name of the picture? I don't know if that's such a good i..." "I don't know" "I'll shut up now." Direct            
62:48:00 62:58:00 S links the node to the "GPS Coordinates" map node Link Refining / Participant   Indirect   x x x 2nd link for that node. Direct correspondence to what was just stated -- or could this be considered semi-direct, because it's describing the situation?  
S adds "GPS Coords not so helpful" to the end of its label Label Edit-Adding Content   Semi-direct   x x x x Interpretive. RST process, Tool evolution
62:52:00 63:12:00 "Y'know it should have, the, y'know, it should say Waypoint zero…. At this point it isn't helpful because we have to go back. So, um, Stacy, what we put in here is '"RST guessing that this is at Waypoint 0. GPS Coords not so helpful" "Right" "OK so let's go back to the second image..." Active: Validation         ****  Shannon is reading off the map, puts emphasis on "it *isn't* helpful" in response to seeing what S just typed. She's telling Stacy what was added to the map.